Kelby walking to his floater in May 2022.

Each year, growers spend time planning crop rotations and inputs, seed selections and other factors to maximize yields and soil health. Humalite is a powerful and affordable soil amendment for improving soil structure and reducing crop input requirements.

Kelby Stevens, a grower from Delia, Alta., applied our granular humic product to his field in May 2022 for the second year. Humalite is a unique soil amendment that is formed during the decomposition of organic materials and is approved for use in organic agriculture.

“I had the equipment needed to apply the product and was curious to see how it would work on my fields. It’s an affordable soil amendment that I could see the potential in,” says Stevens.

Stevens applied the humic product with a floater on a field that would be seeded for wheat. The area was dry for most of the growing season, with a period of heavier rainfall in June.

The Stevens family has been farming the field that Humalite was applied to for nearly 25 years and saw improvements in its typical lower-yielding areas.

“Overall, we saw a strong wheat yield this year. Within the field where we applied Humalite, the hilltops, lighter areas and other spots where we usually see lower yields than the rest of the field, the yields in those areas seemed to be up this year,” Stevens says.

Our granular humic product is intended for agricultural use and provides various benefits, including increasing nutrient uptake, improving water retention and enhancing microbial activity in soil. The carbon content in Humalite contributes to a healthy ecosystem and healthy soil.

Stevens says while he’s happy with his wheat crop this year, he looks forward to seeing the long-term benefits from Humalite.

“That’s the thing with farming, it’s always going to take time to see results with anything you’re trying. I would recommend other growers give Humalite a try,” he says.

Stevens plans to apply Humalite again for the 2023 growing year, applying the product this fall rather than in the spring to save time and boost water retention in the soil following the spring snow melt.

For more information on Humalite, get in touch with us or complete a sales form to obtain a quote for humic products based on your acreage, treatment and truck capacity.