WestMET Ag Humic Products

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WestMET Ag Humic Products - Ag

Our 6 mm (1/4”) Ag product is great for all agricultural use and is spreader, floater and air compatible.

Product Ag

WestMET Ag Humic Products - Turf

Our 1-2 mm, medium sized granule is optimal for turf applications.

Product Turf

WestMET Ag Humic Products - Powdered

This less than 1 mm (1/16”) fine-powdered product delivers a quicker release for specific uses.

Product Granular

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WestMET Ag Product Guide
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Humic Product FAQs

What is Humalite?

Humalite is an oxidized coal-like substance, and a unique certified-organic soil formed over millions of years during the decomposition of organic materials in the earth.

It’s a natural resource found below the earth’s surface, specifically unique to Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

Is Humalite organic?

WestMET Ag humic products are approved for use in Organic Agriculture by Pro-Cert.

Are WestMET Ag humic products processed?

Our granular and powdered Humalite is screened-for-size raw product. It is the purest humic product around the globe.

Have trials been performed on Humalite?

We have tested and trialed Humalite’s effectiveness with positive results.

Visit our Humalite Trial Data Hub for more analytical information.

Which equipment can I use to apply Humalite?

WestMET Ag humic products are compatible with your existing equipment. Humalite is spin spreader, floater and air compatible.

Which application rate should be used for Humalite?

Standard application rates for Humalite include:

  • Top dressed – 200 lbs/acre
  • In furrow – 60 lbs/acre

However, application rates also depend on application methods and soil properties.

Which Humalite product is best for my farm?

Our WestMET Ag humic product – granular (6mm) is perfect for all agricultural use.

Our fine-powdered product is best suited for manufacturing liquid or pellet solutions for horticultural applications.

How can Humalite be hauled?

Bulk Humalite is best transported in a B-train or hopper-style grain trailer.

How can I store Humalite on my farm?

Humalite is best stored in fertilizer bins for granular product or in covered storage for bagged product.

Can I get WestMET Ag humic products loads year-round?

Yes, you can order our product year-round.

However, we recommend purchasing, transporting and storing product in spring, summer and fall as it’s easier to handle in above freezing temperatures.