Why Humalite

If it sounds like progressive technology, that’s because it is.  

Grow Stronger with the Natural Power of Humalite.

Found only in Hanna, Alberta, Humalite is a unique soil amendment that is formed during the decomposition of organic materials. WestMET Ag uses this exclusive resource to produce high-quality humic products with a long list of unique agronomic advantages.

Humalite Advantages

Reduce Requirements

Reduces Fertilizer Requirements

Increase Uptake

Increases Nutrient Uptake

Improve Structure

Improves Soil Structure

No Leaching

Apply Any Time of Year Without Leaching Concerns

Drought Mitigation

Powerful Drought
Mitigation Tool


Transportable and Spreadable with Conventional Equipment


Organic Certifications

High Returns

Low Cost, High Returns

Our Products

WestMET Ag

Only WestMET Ag provides farmers and the global agriculture industry with easy, affordable access to Humalite, a unique Pro-Cert organic soil amendment that serves as a proven, effective tool to improve soil health and crop yield.


Commitment to providing materials and solutions that offer an easier transition to farming practices that contribute to soil health.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly develop and improve the quality of our agriproducts, helping farmers grow more efficiently, sustainably and profitably.


Maintain transparency and honesty, aiming to exceed customer-service expectations and maintain our leadership position in organics.