The Natural Power of Humalite

Innovative, Cost-effective Soil Amendment

A Unique Resource

Humalite is a shallow natural resource found just below the earth’s surface in Alberta, Canada. WestMET Ag has exclusive access to this deposit, which is the largest in the world.

Energized Soil Health

Research shows that Humalite helps release nutrients, improve soil aeration, increase microbial activity, accelerate crop residue breakdown and retain more water for healthy soil.

Superior Technology

WestMET only uses screened raw products, giving growers the purest humic products on earth, directly from its exclusive source. With WestMET Ag, you always get quality and pricing you can trust.

A New Solution for Global Appetites

Farming has always been a never-ending effort to grow more, harvest more and deliver more with innovative resources and emerging technology. Humalite is a unique new addition that provides a wide range of compelling advantages.

Humalite is an oxidized, coal-like substance that is formed over millions of years of organic material decomposition. Even though it has no value as traditional fuel, it is an exceptionally powerful and affordable solution when applied to today’s global agriculture demands.

WestMET Ag provides the highest quality humic products on the market. This affordable soil amendment can reduce fertilizer requirements, increase nutrient uptake, help rebuild soil and improve soil structure. Its ability to retain a high level of water (up to seven times by weight), makes it a powerful drought mitigation tool.

It is flowable, transportable and spreadable with conventional agricultural equipment and is stable enough to be applied any time of year with minimal concerns of leaching. When you add its low cost and high ROI, along with Pro-Cert Organic certification, it is easy to see the natural benefits and increased profit potential of WestMET Ag humic products.