Golf course in North America

The foundation of one of the most widely participated sports in North America are vibrant greens stationed from coast to coast. With Canada and the Unites States’ golf landscape attracting hundreds of thousands of golfers each year, it came as no surprise when both countries had courses claim high ranking spots on Golf Digest’s annual report of the World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.  

Beyond dynamic designs, choice locations and unique heritage, what common elements do these courses share that drive them to the top of any serious golfer’s bucket list? At the root of the most-visited greens is solid turf. 

We know that maintaining a golf course isn’t merely a matter of aesthetics—it’s a science. Turf care demands a balance of smart nutrients, soil health, and progressive practices. Amidst the array of solutions available, one natural powerhouse stands out: humalite. On WestMET Ag’s mission to revolutionize turf care practices, we needed only to look as far as Hanna, Alberta for this exclusive resource that carries a multitude of benefits. 

So, what makes WestMET Ag Humic Turf product a game-changer in the golf course industry? 

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Stewarding Soil Conditions 

As a unique soil amendment derived from organic materials, WestMET Ag Humic Turf improves soil structure. In turn, greenskeepers can count on increased nutrient uptake across turf while further aligning with 4R Nutrient Stewardship. WestMET Ag Humic Turf is approved by Pro-Cert Organic and the Organic Materials Reviews Institute (OMRI) to keep golf courses on par when it comes sustainability.  

Lowering Costs and Raising Returns 

The long-term benefits of incorporating humalite translate into cost savings for turf maintenance. Enhanced soil health with more microbial activity means reduced need for excessive fertilizers and pesticides, cutting down on operational expenses and creating more opportunities to invest in the future of greens. 

Adapting and Applying 

Navigating climate and maintenance schedules can be a tough job for greenskeepers – WestMET Ag Humic Turf makes it easier. Humalite can be conveniently applied any time of year without leaching concerns and using conventional equipment, making it an ideal solution to integrate into existing turf care programs. The small granules optimized for turf are also a powerful tool in mitigating drought conditions by increasing soil water-holding capacity.  

WestMET Ag is committed to elevating the standards of turf care with a hole-in-one solution. Whether you’re maintaining the greens of a top course or the acres of your own backyard, we give customers the highest quality humalite right from the source.