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Why Humalite

Grow Stronger with Humalite

Found only in Hanna, Alberta, Humalite is a unique soil amendment that is formed during the decomposition of organic materials. WestMET Ag uses this exclusive resource to produce high-quality humic products with a long list of unique agronomic advantages, including being approved for use in Organic Agriculture by Pro-Cert.

  • Improved Water Retention
  • Maximized Nutrient Uptake
  • Enhanced Microbial Activity
  • Added Carbon To The Soil
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WestMET Ag Humic Products

Quality, Performance And Profitablity

WestMET Ag Humic Products - Ag

Our 6 mm (1/4”) Ag product is great for all agricultural use and is spreader, floater and air compatible.

Product Ag

WestMET Ag Humic Products - Turf

Our 1-2 mm, medium sized granule is optimal for turf applications.

Product Turf

WestMET Ag Humic Products - Powdered

This less than 1 mm (1/16”) fine-powdered product delivers a quicker release for specific uses.

Product Granular

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